The Quest: In Search of Treasure Grand and Galore!

By Terry Lynch, Naturalist & Photographer

Click to visit Lynch PhotosNaturalist Terry Lynch loves to travel and seek grand and glorious treasures in the great outdoors. Some of his favorite places are Aspen, Yellowstone, the Four Corners area and Yosemite. Should you chance to see him on the trail or in the woods, stop to say hello and introduce yourself. Lynch always enjoys meeting new people and making new friends. Some of his greatest treasures have been the friendships he has made while exploring for treasure in America's state and national parks.


Welcome to The Quest. This is my story, a memoir of sorts, about searching for treasure through life and in the great outdoors. I decided to write this tale after hearing about a woman who got lost in the national forests around Bandilier National Monument. She was looking for a chest of gold and gems that was allegedly secreted somewhere north of Santa Fe, New Mexico, in that land I so love and have adventured to and explored. Yet the kind of treasure I was questing for was not of the exchange rate kind which fluctuates, but of the kind which always increases in value, the quest for the great and glorious one finds in Mother Nature in such infinite abundance.

Why would anyone need the motivation of an allusive box of gold and gems to adventure into the great outdoors when the treasures there are so great and glorious, free for all who but venture forth to experience the great outdoors. When I heard of this poor lost soul I decided to start an on-line publication, The Blaze, to offer help and serve as an educational resource for everyone who fell into the money worshiping and dreaming trap that had been set for them by Old Man Fenn when allegedly he thought he was going to die. Then after learning about Old Man Fenn's Treasure and the fact that he also wanted to inspire adventure to stimulate everyone to experience the great outdoors, I decided to write my own book to take everyone on The Quest in search of treasure grand and galore. It was such a great idea that I have the audacity to believe that when this memoir is published it will be an immediate Best Seller! Ah, I think Old Man Fenn's Treasure is already somehow corrupting my good morals. Could it be I too, would like to find his hidden treasure.

Indeed, that is quite true. In fact, I decided to meet Old Man Fenn's challenge and search for his hidden treasure in the course of my own efforts to educate and inform everyone with respect to how to safely and securely travel and explore the great outdoors. It's a great synthesis of good causes, to share my deep knowledge of travel and exploration as a Naturalist and photographer, while keeping my eyes open and posted for new clues to Old Man Fenn's Treasure and sharing what I find with everyone else who is on The Quest.

Thus my own quest has begun and I invite you to come along. Like any great quest there will be treasures grand and glorious to discover. Who knows, in the journey I may even find where Old Man Finn has secreted his treasure. But I want to make it quite clear to everyone who joins The Quest that my purpose and objective is not to turn over every rock and stone looking for the kind of gold that can be melted down into bullion and traded in Troy ounces which fluctuate and which is a very risky business; rather, my goal it to turn over rocks and stones looking for the creatures which glow and live there, creatures often which most people are not even aware exist. My goal is to tell you what I've found turning over stones and traveling about our great and glorious nation, these United States of America.

I hope you will accept my invitation to join The Quest. It may take me some time to pen this muse and find a publisher who will want to share in the profits. I'm asking a mere $300.000.00 advance plus 10% royalty for all first rights. Terms are negotiable. I am also going to provide all the original photography from my own treasure chest of images gathered upon many miles on the road and hikes upon the trails far and wide made over the course of my life-time. I hope to hear from the top publishers of personal memoirs in the country. I will also do book signing and help promote the book on-line. Why hell, I'll even make T-shirts to peddle with the book. In fact, that's top on my list to do. So I hope you do not forget your Quest T-shirt! which will be coming soon.

I am also interested in hearing from anyone who would like to be added to my mailing list or place advance orders. I'm asking $35.00 a pop for The Quest, the same price Old Man Finn is using to market his treasure book and its not even a best seller. I suspect The Quest will fly off the shelves and sell at least 10-million copies the first week! Everyone from Oprah to Obama will want a copy. Just wait, you'll see!

Thus The Quest has begun. I'll be posting updated over time. Why hell, if I don't hear from some big publishing house in New York City, I'll just publish The Quest myself and keep all the profits. After all that's the American way! Don't buy my book just because I support good causes like cancer research, heart disease prevention and saving homeless animals, support my book because it a good read and may just change your life for the better. I am a Good Samaritan. But the reason I want you to buy my book, to read The Quest, is because it is going to forever change your life by turning you on to discovering great and glorious treasures you may never have known even existed. After reading The Quest your life will never be the same. Everything will seem to change and you will be as reborn! And if your aren't 100% totally satisfied by my muse, I guarantee that I won't mind a bit if you burn it. Unlike the Taliban or those crying Allah every time someone bashes the Koran, I don't give a damn if you don't like my book. You can use it for kindling or toilet paper to wipe you ass for all I care. After all once you buy my book, it will be your book. That's true with any book, be it the Holy Bible, the Koran or even Satanic Verse or Mien Kamph. In the digital age and not too distant future I believe paper books will be out of style. People won't even be printing books on paper because all the forest will be bulldozed to make space for condos or build new shopping centers and malls. There won't be a tree for as far as the eye can see. I hope I'm VERY wrong, but at the insane rate that the human population is exploding, I may be quite correct.

So burn my book if you like. Throw it into the garbage pale. Wipe your ass with it! I don't give a damn. Or you can worship it. It is just words on paper writ! Well, it may not even be that. Likely as not it will be bits and bytes that exist only in cyber space. If you burn that good luck getting a new PC or laptop. So really don't care what you do with my book because you will probably want to read it before you burn it and then it will be too late. Every meme that's in my mind will be in your mind. So I got'cha!

I got to run now. Sun's coming up and I've been up the entire night hacking and yacking. Please be sure to check out The Blaze to keep posted on Old Man Fenn's Treasure and see if there are nay new clues or revelations made. And remember, DON'T FORGET YOUR SHIRT!


Take only pictures. Leave only footprints. Join The Quest: Searching for Treasure Grand and Galore! Over $2-million is buried somewhere north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Can you find it before someone else does? Please buy these gifts and apparel to remind everyone to respect our National Parks, forests and monuments. Also this is a great clue. On the reverse side of some items if you are wise you will also find The Blaze!

Take Only Pictures. Leave Only Footprints.
Yes, this is another new clue. Treasure awaits just for you!
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X Marks The Spot Treasure Map and New Clues.
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The Blaze. Greatest Treasure Hunt of the Century.
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If you are wise you will find The Blaze which has more new clues!


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